Art is used by many people to express a wide variety of emotions and events.  Art is also seen in tattoos. Body art has historically been popular and remains so today.  Divine Body Jewels can be dressed up, casual and anything in between.  Use Divine Body Jewels to accessorize all outfits for any occasion.

Our company was founded in 2012, initially we were interested in coming up with something to help young girls express themselves without permanently scarring their bodies.  We began to research body art online and learned that temporary tattoos were becoming very popular.  Armed with this information, we began to meet with manufacturers who had the best reviews and reputations.  We finally settled on a manufacturer who works closely with us on design and creates exceptional products.

Divine Body Jewels operates two growing online stores.  Our clientele is both young and young-at-heart.  We are always working on new designs and ideas to meet women’s desires for body art

It seemed a natural progression of body art expression for us to join the Breast Cancer Awareness activity in October.  Divine Body Jewels contributes 10% of each sale from our online stores and the sale of any awareness ribbon from our website to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Our new line of Breast Cancer Awareness Body art includes ribbons and mastectomy jewels which are available on our website.